coffee and tea
coffee and tea
  Coffee & Tea

Welcome to Peaberry & Galette! We are a french style crêperie and cafe that serves up many delicious savory and dessert crêpes as well as specialty espresso drinks, Kona Coffee, and many, many teas.

We also serve a variety of other entrée's and desserts; so browse our online menu to see all of our menu items.

CafeYour café experiences are further enriched by our “Wire Wall Exhibit”, a bi-weekly showcase of artworks by local professionals and armatures alike.

While taking care of the business of art (yes, most of the artworks are for sale!), the exhibit creates an ever-changing atmosphere in our dining room; a sophisticated bohemian art saloon with velvet armchair at times, hipsters’ hang-out with modern edginess at the other. Either way, we do our best of offering you a café session as soft, casual, and relaxing as your favorite pair of broken-in jeans.

Aside from our every day menu, we also do special orders and catering. So if you are having a birthday party or just want some of our deliciousness on hand at home, don't be afraid to give us a call.

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